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AKC Ch. Chadwick September Song at Blackfire "Bexley"

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"An apple a day keeps the doctor away!"

After owning two of my Cavaliers for 10 years, the Weidig's contacted me for a Tri or Blenheim show/breeding prospect, but I did not have a puppy available at that time.  All I had was a five month old rather reserved B/T bitch who, when sitting on your lap, would fidget and so she was named "Widget the Fidget".  With hesitation, the Weidig's took Chadwick Blackout at Blackfire "Widget" and she became not only the foundation for Blackfire Cavaliers but also one of their favorites being so well behaved.  She waves goodbye to you when you say "Bye Bye"!

Then Bexley was born, a beautiful B/T who has since become an AKC Champion and has won several Best B/T in Show at CKCSC specialties and often wins the B/T bitch class.  She is quite a character in that she collects apples from the yard and carries them around before eating them, picks up her food bowl and marches around with it in her mouth and collects all the other dogs' leashes when they are in the hotel room at a show.  She continues to be heart clear into her old age, as is her mother.

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DOB 03 SEP 1997
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