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Angel's Pride Nautical Nancy "Clancy"

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Angel's Pride Nautical Nancy standing

Clancy photographed at 3 years of age

Angel's Pride Nautical Nancy with books

The model to advertise CNE's Breeders & Judges Symposium

Angel's Pride Nautical nancy head

Pictured at 22 months

Angel's Pride Nautical Nancy laying 5 months

Pictured at 5 months

While visiting my good friend, Tanja Engel, in Germany, I fell in love with Clancy's mother, Pia.  We were so excited to have the opportunity of owning this beautiful Pia daughter.  Clancy has an independent streak but she is also affectionate and loving.  She is able to jump over low fences and climb over the high ones so we must be ever vigilant about where Clancy is at all times!  As you can see from the photos, she is the model for Cavaliers of the Northeast's Symposium on the ABC's of Dog Breeding.  How good she is to tolerate posing with glasses - it took a while to get this shot - in most of the photos the glasses were falling off her nose!  With appreciation to Tanja at Angel's Pride Cavaliers for this wonderful dog.

Angel's Pride Cavaliers

DOB 17 SEP 2002
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