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Nursing home visit picture for Gallery

Chadwick Therapy dogs visit the local nursing home, bringing joy to the elderly.

Festivities with cat

Festivities is happy with Frazzle the kitten.

3 Cavaliers with squirrel

Left to Right:
CKCSC Ch. Downsbank Spring Clover of Chadwick "Chloe"
Chadwick Crowd Pleaser "Zest" (CKCSC, AKC & Can. Ch. Kindrum Sylvester at Brynwood X Chloe)
CKCSC Ch. Chadwick Calamity Jane
and Rocky, the squirrel

We found Rocky, the squirrel, one wet, dark night and brought him into the house for warmth.  He was literally pink skin and two large, black whiskers so he was probably only a few days old.  He ate baby cereal and goat's milk by syringe and grew intoo this handsome, sturdy, grey squirrel - note that he is only 12 weeks old in this photograph.  He was quite tame with people and tolerated the dogs, in fact bossed them around by chattering at them, but we could not trust all the dogs with him--however most just wanted to play.  Baby squirrels are much more difficult to wean onto nuts and squirrel food than Cavalier puppies are to wean onto meat and kibble, so we had to bring him with us to Cavaliers of the Northeast's Specialty since he was not weaned.  He tried chewing out of his plastic crate and by the end of the weekend he had almost accomplished that task.  Just imagine a loose squirrel amongst 200 Cavaliers!  Jim Meager was the photographer that day and chuckled the whole time he was looking through the viewfinder of his camera!  Luckily one of our club members, Sue Ramsey, a wildlife rehabilitation specialist, offered to take him back to North Carolina where he was released slowly into the wild by their house.  He would come back and visit often and they knew which one he was due to his lack of fear of the dogs and him being so robust from his goat's milk beginnings!

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