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Deacon was a treasure. He filled our lives with such fun and happiness. He was much beloved. He continued to be so elegant and lovely even at the end. It was just too hard to see him suffer and lose that splendid dignity. He raised his head a tiny bit when Jeff got there and gave him a lick on the nose - so he was still a little bit with us but the light in his eyes was gone. Yesterday was a hard, hard day. Thank you for being there. And thank you for all of your advice and help. Thank you both for the loveliest dog. And thank you for all of the care, concern and love that you gave him on his many visits to Camp Chadwick.  And keep Deacon in your memory.  Love, Bettysue


Willoughby laying

Sadly, we had to put Willoughby down last week and we are filled with immense sadness.  Thanks again for providing us with such a treasured part of our family--Willy was a beautiful, sweet and loyal guy.  We know that has everything to do with the care and expertise you put into breeding your dogs.  Tracy Regan

Maxwell and Willoughby

Maxwell (Chadwick Kissing Bandit)passed in October 2010 and Willoughby(Chadwick Cranshaw) passed on April 5, 2012). Maxwell was known as "the diplomat" and Willy "the bum". We will never forget the parting words as we left Your home with Willy "This dog has a real personality" - and he did.  Thank you for our boys.  Sheehan family 


We are very sad to report "Singer" passed away this morning at 2:00 AM . About 30 minutes after we returned home from Emergency we got a phone call that she'd stopped breathing due to a blood clot in her heart that traveled to her lungs.  Last time the vet checked her he said herheart condition was a "3" on a scale of 1 to 6  so we were hoping for several more years... but the consolation is she went quickly and she was 12  1/2 years old which is a good long life.   Margie Bondy


Bailey, above       Anabel, below


I am writing this morning with a heavy heart to let you know that both dogs are now waiting for me by the Rainbow Bridge.  Bailey passed in the spring of 2011 after almost 16 years.  And I had to let go of Anabel on Thursday, a few months before her 13th birthday.  I want you to know that those dogs brought so much love and joy into our household that it is hard to imagine my life without them.  I will be eternally grateful to you for allowing me to adopt them and share their lives.   Bailey, I am sure passed away from old age.  He was such a trouper, right up until his last day, but sadly his little legs could no longer lift him.  He never showed any heart issues and ate and drank up until the end.  He was a beautiful dog with barely any grey hairs.


We lost Bella, our beloved family member, at 14 1/2 years old.  All she wanted in life was to make me happy and she did, every single day.  She was with me before marriage and before children.  We had a special bond and connection like no other.  They are such wonderful dogs and you have done a great job of breeding a healthy Cavalier.  I was just saying how Bella never cost us thousands in vet bills.  She got sick in May and she was gone 2 months later.  In all her 14 years of life, she never had a heart murmur--the vet said he had never seen a Cavalier with a heart as good as hers.  I thought you would like to know that.  In the end, it was liver disease that took my best friend from me.  She died peacefully in my arms, the way she would have wanted.  My heart is irreparably broken.  I am grieving and will be for a long time to come.  I wish I could have had her forever!  She wasn't a pet or a dog, she was my family.  I am truly grateful to have had her in my life.  Thank you for giving me a happiness that lasted almost 15 years.    All the best, Kelly and Chris Cathone

Becka and Sadie

Sad to say we lost Sadie tonight--so much loss in so little time.  We loved those dogs so much--here's a picture of them wearing leis from Hawaii.  We made a donation to the local rescue organization in their memory.  Becka was just so full of life and had so much to say and Sadie was so regal and quiet--they both gave us so much love.  We will miss them always, along with our Cassie...wonder if they are all together now.  I am calling this chapter in our lives 'empty crates'.  House is sure different and you just don't realize how much time you spend thinking about going home to them--and then they're not there.  Crumbs on the floor stay there, no pitter patter of little feet following you all day and no one to worry about throwing off the bed as you sleep.   Stephanie Stern and family

Molly at 12        Molly with family

Anne, I wanted to let you know about the passing of Molly today.  She was the most wonderful dog and we are so thankful that we were able to spend almost 13 years with her.  She developed heart problems over 18 months ago, but with a lot of medication and care she was able to maintain a happy life until the end.  Every day she was a bundle of joy and we will miss her dearly.       Michael and Family

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