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Reserve Winners Dog at 18 months.

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Owned and Loved by Laura and John Glynn, Hudsonview Cavaliers

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Laura's first dog from me was Luke, a lovely little Tricolor boy on whom she learned obedience, rally and conformation showing.  He was no show dog but he was a smart puppy and he taught Laura much of what she needed to know when she eventually acquired her first true show dog.  From Luke came the affinity to Tricolors and since there are so few really great quality ones, Laura mentioned she would be interested in a Tricolor boy to show along with Scotch.

Juneau's mother, Winter, only produces Tricolors therefore the resulting litter might potentially produce a Tri boy for her.  And so Juneau was born and he always had that pretty head and such a balanced outline, very similar to his father, Banner.  He went to live with Laura and John.  

He was a horrible eater just never  wanted to eat anything.  In order to successfully show a puppy, he really needs to have some coat and weight on him so his foray into the show ring was not terribly successful because of this.    But Juneau was highly active, like a gazelle, levitating off the ground onto tables, chairs and high stools.  He was often found on the kitchen island stealing articles of interest never food of course.  Only a few months prior to his success in the ring at 18 months, I had said to Laura that if she wanted to place him as a pet, she should do so.  She decided to wait him out a little longer and focus on his weight gain and coat production!  

Laura's determination paid off and Juneau, whilst still not nearly fully filled out nor mature,  finally began to look less gangly and he won his first major at COTW Specialty under breed specialist, Mary Forester, Salbrie Cavaliers, UK

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DOB 02 JUN 2012
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COI 3.4%

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