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Chadwick Editorial Review "Punch"

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Chadwick Editorial Review at age 10 sitting

Punch at 10 years of age

Chadwick Editorial Review on stump

Chadwick Editorial Review sitting

Chadwick Editorial Review sitting as puppy

Punch as a six month old puppy

Chadwick Editorial Review, a big and important sounding name for such a small, sweet-tempered boy, was named after an old satirical magazine from Britain called Punch.  He was shown as a puppy and since he did not grow an abundance of coat, we just never showed him much as an adult.  His lineage, however, allowed him to become a good producer, being that his father is CKCSC & AKC Ch. Sheeba Special Edition and his grandfather is CKCSC Ch. Sanickro Hunky Chunk at Travtana.  His children and grandchildren will continue his important long-lived lineage.

Even though Punch's heart was cleared by a Cardiologist at 6 years and only a Grade 1 murmur found at 7 years, the mitral valve disease, a health problem that is so typical of this breed, progressed rapidly and Punch passed away just after his 10th birthday.  The Williamsons are devastated but are comforted by another tricolor boy, Niles, who they adopted from me when Niles' owner could no longer care for him.  How kind of the Williamsons to accept these two older boys into their homes and their hearts.

DOB 28 DEC 1997
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