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CKCSC Ch. Chesham A Minute of Your Time, JW "Rowan"

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Rowan head shot

Rowan pictured at 3 years of age.

Rowan standing

Rowan as a youngster at 18 months.

Rowan Best Puppy

Rowan winning Best Puppy in Show.

Some years ago Robyn Tansey in Canada had requested a show dog from me, one that would succeed not only in the conformation ring but also in the obedience and agility ring. I sent Robyn AKC & Can Ch Chadwick Laugh a Minute and in the end Minute was bred and gave birth to a very special young lady by the name of Rowan. Robyn could not keep Rowan at that time so she came to me in Connecticut. Not the bravest of little dogs, she needed more one on one attention and thus she left for a Southern Lady’s Life in Beaufort, SC with Pam Taub. I thought she would be easy for Pam to show in that all you had to do was stand there and Rowan, so soundly constructed, would stand four square and look alert. Well, it turned out not to be the case. At each show Pam’s many “coaches” taught her how to show Rowan and how to groom her long, straight, silky coat which is not always an easy task. I was determined that Pam would show and finish this girl’s CKCSC Championship – and she did. All it took were two good judges who recognized her great structure and movement, who knew no-one and simply had to judge the dogs on the day. They forgave Pam’s obvious handling errors – they forgave Rowan’s antics in the ring in order to put up a sound, beautiful and typical Cavalier. Thank you to judges Ernie Paterson (UK), Marilyn Madigan (Australia) and Paula Campanozzi (USA) who awarded Rowan with her majors and Best Puppy in Show. A truly international array of judges who loved this little pipsqueak!

DOB 08 JUN 2009
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Rowan pedigree


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