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Penny poses for Oprah magazine, hoping for tea and crumpets!

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McCallum and Penny model the new Burberry fashion statement for dogs.

Chiquita in arms Der Rosenkavalier

Chiquita performed at Lincoln Center in Der Rosenkavalier opera every year for several performances.  They used to have a parrot, two dogs and a monkey with the opera singer but the monkey became belligerant one year so the monkey was cancelled.  Then the parrot nibbled on the performer's ear and he could not concentrate on his performance so the parrot was canned and they opted for a stuffed parrot.  When one cocker spaniel mounted the other and bred her, much to the consternation of the entire audience who, when seeing some prop fellow creep on stqage to remove the two dogs, roared with laughter, they said one dog only.

And Chiquita was that dog.

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