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chadwick navigation 2014
Chadwick Navigation 3

Chadwick in the Spotlight

Gold Horizontal Line

Charlotte adoring Penny   Charlotte holding Penny

Penny with Charlotte York (Kristen Davis) in "Sex in the City"

Wallstreet 2 photo

Frank Langella handling Islay, Cheater, Chivas and Luna in Central Park,
New York, for the movie, Wall Street 2.

Charlotte in handbag ad   Ad woman walking with 3 blenheims

Bloomingdales catalog, Charlotte, Victoria and Penny

Charlotte puppy under blanket

Charlotte's debut

McCallum and Camilla modeling coats

McCallum models the coats along with his housemate Camilla

Chelsea at Ballet sitting   Chelsea at Ballet being touched

Chelsea at the Ballet

Adv Lady on steps with Cavaliers

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