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Notes from Chadwick Puppy Buyers

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Paris and Bentley are such a big part of our lives.  When Bentley arrived, Paris had gone from the frisky one to the Queen of the house.  Bentley is so full of himself and so loving.  He kisses everybody and chases Paris and two of our three cats.  He is differential to the 14 year old cat who occasionally swats him to remind him of age's prerogatives.  While being boarded at Lisa Crawford's home, Bentley is the one who opens gates giving Lisa Crawford's seven Cavaliers access to the entire house and leads them into mischief.

Paris is one of those rare Cavaliers who likes to place their chin on your forehead and bury her chest in your face.  If you give her the raspberry noise on her throat she just loves it and pushes against your face.

Paris and Bentley are life-long pals and greet each other every morning as if they have been apart for a week.  When they greet us they wag from the tip of their tail to the tip of their nose.  I have to admit that now Paris and Bentley sleep with us and both snore from time to time.  They are such great company that when they are gone to Lisa's for grooming or before a trip, the house is a tomb.  Thank you for Bentley and Paris.

Bond and Valerie Sandoe

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In 2004 I purchased Maggie and since then she is doing wonderfully well as a Therapy dog.  She is the star of Bright Spot's Dog Therapy program and works at Cooley Dickinson Hospital in Northampton, MA.  She recently slept next to a patient in his final stages of pancreatic cancer as he passed away.  The family had requested an additional visit from Maggie since this patient was in such bad shape and nearing his time.  We were thrilled when the family recommended that the deceased be remembered with donations to Bright Spot.  Cynthia Hinckley, wife of the hospital's resident surgeon, Dr. Alvah Hinckley, cried when she heard how wonderful Maggie was at this special visitation.  And she is truly a darling little girl - I am so very fortunate to have her.

I purchased Maggie from you with money left to me by my Dad. How happy he must be to see the results of his gift of inheritance providing a diversion and comfort to those who are so ill or lonely in the hospital.

Paddington will be evaluated very soon for nursing home visits as a Bright Spot Therapy Dog and no doubt he will do just fine. When Paddy is upset he looks for Maggie to cuddle up to.  What a character he is.  Our website for Bright Spot is  Take care,

Dottie Burke

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Flyer certainly is King in his household and at the office.  He can be found at any one moment romancing the many women he spends his days with at the office.  He wants to cuddle and lick often and he does.  You see, Flyer is not fond of men.  He not only prefers women, he seeks them out like a young gigolo.  He is a real love bug.  He is extremely demanding (like most men) and actually has a little ritual when he doesn't get his way.  His back paws rub quickly on the ground in anticipation and frustration so that his wishes are met immediately.  Who can resist?  Flyer demands three or four play sessions a day and sometimes more and he gets them.  He prefers toys that make noise and the mental game of hide and seek.  He will butt me in the body with his head when the toy is hidden.  He will only eat his kibbles if he is hand fed like a King in a harem.  My boy is the best.

Lynn & Ron Wallach

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Dear Anne,
I have been meaning to send you pictures earlier.  We are having a blast with Buddy.  He is the greatest and everyone loves him.  One of our closest friends is very interested in getting a puppy and we were wondering if you have any pups at the moment.  Hope all is well.

Chris Gallie

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Dear Anne,
Things went very well with the trainer on Saturday.  It was Vienna's first session and he responded remarkably well.  By the end of one hour, he was coming, sitting and going into the crate on command (with the trainer).  Of course, Pedro and I now have to practice and practice with Vienna until our next session.  The trainer said he's a very smart little pup and she expects he will be trained both easily and very well.

We're totally in love with Vienna and can hardly put into words the happiness he has brought into our lives.

Andy Achsen

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I  hope this finds you and your husband well.  Hope is doing great -- she been a wonderful addition to our family -- loving and beautiful.  She's very well loved in return.  Thanks again.  Warm wishes,

Jane Kuesel and family

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We just wanted to update you with our life with Buddy.  He is absolutely wonderful.  We cannot get over how trainable and smart he is.  The boys absolutely love him and Buddy is so good with them.  We followed your housebreaking guidelines that you  had given us.  He would never bark to go out, so a trainer we hired suggested a bell.  He rings the bell consistently every time to go out.  Buddy has fit into our family perfectly.  We thank you for everything you have done for us and given us this wonderful opportunity.  We cannot imagine not having him.  We love him so much.

Fondly, Michelle Garvey

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Madison is doing wonderfully well and is sprouting up like a weed.  She chases birds, butterflies and squirrels with vigor.  We love her dearly and Heidi is socializing well with Maddy - they even prefer to walk together.   The pair draw quite a few admirers in Williamsburg.  She is about 13 lbs. and the most lovable dog we have had.  If I clap she comes running and leaps into my arms.  She is a very quick learner and has lots of energy.  She will chase a ball and retrieve it for hours on end.  Usually we get tired before Maddy does.  She and the tri constitute a pack and are very protective of each other.  The Vet says Maddy is in excellent health.  Maddy is a wonderful addition to our family and our exercise program (she likes to power walk).  Her speed walking is helping take some weight off the tri.

Glenn & Bonnie Krochmal

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Dear Anne,
This is a long overdue thank you for the most wonderful pet I could ever hope for.  I could not find the words to describe the place that Ginger has taken in my heart but when I read your website today, I see that you already know.  Ginger is unlike any other dog or pet I have ever had.  My daughter and I both adore her and cannot imagine our lives without her.  So thank you, Anne, for bringing such joy and love into our lives.  Please know that Ginger holds a very special place of honor in our homes, is an important member of our family, and gets lots of love and hugs and kisses every day.  I consider myself very fortunate that you exercise such care about the good health of your dogs, so that we can look forward to many years of sharing our lives with our beloved Cavalier, Ginger!

Best wishes to you and your family for very Happy Holidays,

Janet Joyce

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Dear Anne,
Today is Luke's birthday and I wanted to take a moment to thank you.  A year ago I did not fully understand what a positive impact he would have on my life and the lives of those who love me.  He is more than my constant companion, he is my friend, my healer and as my friend said 'a social lubricant.'  I have made so many wonderful friends by way of Luke.  I've been introduced to the world of dog training and shows and have found a healthy outlet for my competitive nature.

Over the past year I have found so much joy watching him grow and learn.  The love and dedication you have for this incredible breed provided him with the foundation that made it easy to build upon to make him the perfect dog he is today.

Thank you for trusting me with one of your pups.  I love my Noodle and I look forward to the day when I can come to you for a new addition to our little family.

Puppy kisses to sister Coral on her birthday.
Take care, Laura Yassky

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It was really great to visit you yesterday and see you again.  It is so exciting to think that we are about to start on our third generation and our fourth Chadwick Dog, a real tribute to the wonderful, loving dogs that you breed that bring so much joy, affection and devotion into peoples' lives.

We were both completely captivated by your new venture of Tibetan Spaniels and completely feel in love with Maude, a Tibbie, who we know will bring so much joy and enrichment to our lives.  We will be counting off the days until we can visit again.

As your website explains, but so few new dog owners, sadly, often fail to appreciate, is that you are inviting someone into your home to share your life for 15 years so it is vital that you have confidence in the background of that dog.  It is a great comfort to know that all your Chadwick Dogs have always been bred with the highest levels of care and concern to eliminate those faults that can occur, and which sadly ones sees only too often in friends' dogs, as they advance in years.

We will be looking for a lady companion for Maude once she gets a little older in about a year from now, so please make a note in your book to contact us should you have a litter around then.

We are counting down the days before Maude comes home, and thank you for a memorable day yesterday and give Maude a hug from us.
Peter and Paul

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Millie turns 10 tomorrow.  No one can believe she is that old, including her.  She is as active, as fast at chasing those squirrels in the back yard, and as eager to please as ever.  Plus, her heart is clear and she has no health problems.
Julia A. Daniels