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millie at 10 yrs

Millie aging beautifully at 10 years of age

Millie went to live with a family with twin babies and she was the best companion to those two little girls.  Unfortunately, the parents were overwhelmed by the twins so when Millie decided to dig out of their fence when in season, they called and said they just could not keep her.  I was thrilled to get her back and she has turned out to be an incredible producer, as has her litter sister, Chadwick Double Feature of Dallarock, and they have both continued to be heart healthy as well beyond 6 years of age.  Millie is the mother of CKCSC & AKC Ch. Chadwick Brig O'Doon, AX, AXJ, Chadwick Sea Shells "Coral",  and Chadwick Quick as a Wink, the latter having won two Best Puppy in Show awards.  We watch for Wink's litter sister in the show ring, Chadwick Quick as a Flash, who resides with Robyn Futcher in Texas.

At 8 years of age, having just been cleared once again by a cardiologist, Millie joined the Daniels family and Ellie (a younger Blenheim girl) where she has become an extraordinary therapy dog.  It only goes to show that you really can teach an old dog new tricks!

Millie age 10 and Elle on couch with toy
Millie, now 10 years old, with Ellie

Millie and Ellie have become quite attached, so much so that when they were visiting Camp Chadwick, Ellie was inadvertently placed in the wrong crate and another young Blenheim was with Millie.  You should have heard the commotion!

Chadwick Telecast puppy

DOB 01 JUN 1999
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