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Starlet as an 8 week old pup before leaving for California

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Starlet arrives in California, pictured here at 5 months

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One of the few times that Starlet is stationary on a bench!

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Top Brood Bitch of the Year 2005
(award based on her winning offspring)

My good friend, Judi Geldermann, Dallarock Cavaliers, USA, took Starlet home from a show weekend and found out quite quickly just how intelligent and active Starlet is.  I had suggested agility training for her as she is fearless and sporting.  A plank of wood was placed securely on a log making a seesaw and Starlet played happily on that, running up and down the plank of wood, making it bang on the ground.  Judi's other Cavaliers however were terrified of it.  Starlet discovered, at 5 months of age, that if she stole their toys and bones, she could gather them all in the middle of the seesaw and she could keep them all since none of the other dogs would dare venture anywhere near this seesaw.

Starlet is forever getting herself into mischief.  She has the ability of jumping and climbing over anything, not to run away, but more to get nearer to the people she loves, an activity that she passes along to many of her children, especially Godfrey, CKCSC & AKC Ch. Dallarock Spellbound, AKC Ch. Chadwick Top Billing "Gibson", his litter sister, AKC Ch. Chadwick Show Biz and CKCSC Ch. Dallarock Bronson.

Nonetheless, Starlet has proven to be an excellent producer as has her litter sister, Chadwick Telecast "Millie".  We just hope that age will slow Starlet down a bit but it doesn't look like this is going to happen any time in the near future.  At 6 years of age she is still wonderfully healthy and, as usual, devises new ways of escaping from the yard to the beaches of Carmel, CA!

Judi and I decided that Starlet really needed her own personal attention and her own family to dote on her.  But who would deal with Starlet's many idiocyncrasies and mischievous personality?  I had the fortune of meeting Barbara and John Doll who have rescued Golden Retrievers for many years.  They called wanting to purchase a Cavalier adult or older puppy.  I mentioned Starlet tentatively.  When the Doll's came to see Starlet, she performed her antics for them by leaping onto the high stools and then onto the island in the kitchen -- just checking to see if food was available.  She demanded that she be involved in the conversation by howling and chirping.  None of this bothered the Doll's -- they found her enchanting and full of personality.  Needless to say, Starlet went home with them and ever since we have been receiving emails and stories about Starlet's antics.

Starlet's Antics

Since Starlet's arrival, Barbara and John Doll have had rounds of visitors wanting to see Starlet.  Gifts were given, pictures were taken and the next round of guests will bring dinner!

John had the opportunity, during Barbara's absence, to bond with Starlet -- one on one.  But when Barbara returned, Starlet sat, as usual, between her legs on the footrest.

Starlet continues to amaze the Doll's with her curiosity, she is just so much fun.  She cleared one of the gates to go upstairs.  Barbara heard the noise but missed the show.  John has biscuits upstairs in his office and she was trying to get to the biscuit jar.  She knows where all the treats are kept.  She starts to hint around 4:30 p.m. that she wants her dinner.  She scratches the doors of the cabinet just beneath her food.

Barbara and John's son came over one day and made the big mistake of leaving his frothy cappuccino on the table - Starlet of course found the sweetened drink and when she was caught she looked at the Doll's with such innocence -- wasn't me -- but there was white froth all over her face!

Starlet loves to explore the yard and considering the size of the yard she gets a lot of exercise.  There are three bird feeders outside of the fenced-in area and all is calm until Starlet sees them (birds and squirrels). She loves to chase them.

The Dolls just love Starlet as she gives them so much love.

Workmen are fair game as well, whether or not they like dogs.  Starlet is just fascinated with strangers and her latest activity was jumping in a workman's large tool bag.  Starlet was removed and put behind the gate.  Suddenly there was a crash to the floor.  Starlet is fearless and just ran down to the basement in search of the non-doggie workman.  For some reason she just wanted to seek him out.

Eventually she won him over and before he left he got down on his knees and patted her for a few minutes.

Starlet also terrorizes a ground hog and barks at the deer family that feeds from the various bird feeders.  She is constantly wagging her tail and giving us kisses.

Starlet is my angel even though she is totally obsessed about the chipmunk that dares to run back and forth on the deck.  She races out the door at break neck speed, her little nose touching the deck, running back and forth in a frenetic mode.  One day she will catch that intruder!

Sadly, John Doll passed away about a year after having adopted Starlet.  Daisy, the Golden, has been undergoing chemo therapy for cancer.  Barbara has been incapacitated with knee surgery and is required to do knee exercises.  Starlet is always beside Barbara -- she knows the CDs and when Barbara puts them on, she jumps on the bed, gives her a lick and curls up in a little ball.

"Starlet is the greatest dog I have ever had, my shadow", says Barbara.

It has been a rough time for the whole Doll family, but Judi Geldermann and myself are so happy that we could give the Doll family a little ray of sunshine called Starlet.

DOB 01 JUN 1999   
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