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CKCSC & AKC Ch. Dallarock Spellbound "Godfrey"

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Dallarock Spellbound CKCSC finish picture

Godfrey winning Reserve Best in Show at a CKCSC Specialty.
He is shown here with long-time breeder/judge, Pam Burkley, of Saintbrides Cavaliers,
Anne and of course his trophies

Godfrey at Easter 2012

Godfrey at 9 years of age, now retired with Suzanne Brown in Louisville, KY, resting after the Easter festivities where he wore his Easter bow.
Doesn’t he remind you of the Landseer painting?

Dallarock Spellbound Godfrey head picture   Dallarock Spellbound Godfrey standing

Pictured at 2.5 years

Godfrey was co-bred and is also co-owned by Judi Geldermann and
C. Anne Eckersley

Godfrey had been living temporarily with illegal aliens in California, languishing on their sofa and being hand fed until Judi decided that their work schedule was so long that Godfrey needed to come home, plus he had managed to escape from their yard a couple of times (reminiscent of his mother, Starlet!), running the streets of Sacramento!  Rather than going back to Judi, we decided he should come to Connecticut where I would show him at both CKCSC Specialties and AKC all breed shows.  Judi would not show him as he was so difficult to handle.  No-one had said the word "no" to him and he had been allowed to do anything his little heart desired.  It took a bit of readjusting but he finally was able to deal with large breed dogs at the AKC shows without wanting to make ugly faces at them!  To this day when a dog comes right up to his face, he calmly looks at me (which is what I taught him) and I tell him that was a good choice and give him a treat.

We only had Godfrey here for a week when my front doorbell rang and it was my neighbor with Godfrey under her arm.  He had gone to visit her children who were playing in their front yard.  But how on earth did he get out?  No-one else did.  We looked for holes and places that were dug up--nothing.  Then we hid and watched.  Sure enough, Godfrey was able to leap to the top of our 4-5 foot picket fence and pull himself up and over.  We could not believe our eyes.  That's quite some jump for a little guy.  Nowadays he doesn't do this so much especially when he has company outside.  He just wasn't keen on being alone.

Godfrey quickly became an AKC Champion and then finished the coveted CKCSC Championship as well, making him Judi Geldermann's first homebred Champion.  Congratulations to Godfrey and Judi for such a wonderful achievement in an environment where the competition is so, so tough.  Our thanks go to all the judges who recognized Godfrey's qualities, especially Mandy Mulligan of Nightingale Cavaliers, and Pam Burkley of Saintbrides Cavaliers, both of whom gave him his major wins.

Godfrey is now retired to the home of Suzanne Brown in Louisville, Kentucky, where he enjoys visits from the grandchildren, naps on the sofa and summers on Martha's Vineyard.  Happily we get to see him on his way to the Vineyard when he stops to visit and play with his relatives.  What a charmed life he leads!

DOB 07 NOV 2002
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COI 10%

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