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Chadwick Cheers at Hudsonview "Cosmo"

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Cosmo and Juneau sitting

Chadwick Midnight Sun at Hudsonview "Juneau" on left
Chadwick Cheers at Hudsonview "Cosmo" on right

Cosmo head shot as puppy

Cosmo and his dad Scotch

Scotch "au naturel" and Cosmo as a baby

Cosmo standing at 10 weeks

Cosmo learning to stand as a baby

Cosmo standing at 5 months

Standing like a rock in the show ring.  Table training paid off!

Laura Yassky-Glynn and John Glynn came to visit Jojo's litter as it was sired by their beautiful show winner, Scotch.  Cosmo was the only tricolor and also just a shrimp of a puppy.  His sisters loomed over him.  As small as Cosmo was, he had by far the biggest personality, a stunning little body  and beautiful head with huge eyes; but he was heavily marked.  I know first-hand what this means.  I have battled small and black in the show ring for years and it takes a special judge to be able to find such a dog amongst a plethora of huge, white, hairy Blenheims!

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DOB 19 MAY 2013
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COI 5.6%


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Cosmos reg 5 gen pedigree


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