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About the Cavalier

CJ laying and Florin sitting

CKCSC Ch. Chadwick Calamity Jane (pictured at 13 years)
(CKCSC & Can. Ch. Kindrum Sylvester at Brynwood X Chadwick Chippendale)
and CKCSC Ch. Chadwick Silver Dollar AX, AXJ (pictured at 6 years)
(Can. Ch. Grantilley Dollar X CKCSC Ch. Chadwick Calamity Jane)

The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is in discerning households in many countries of the world where it is cherished for its charming personality, its elegant appearance, its adaptable temperament and its intelligent and playful responsiveness to its owners and surroundings.  It is known and prized for its exceptionally affectionate and endearing nature.

The Cavalier combines the finest attributes of the active, alert sporting spaniels, always eager to share lively, new outdoor adventures and the loyal, steadfast companion dog that welcomes  hours of repose while snuggled serenely at home beside its owner.

These distinctive characteristics are as much esteemed in the contemporary world as they were in the 17th Century England.  The devotion of King Charles II to these spaniels is indelibly recorded in the name of the breed.

Today, owners in the United States can depend on the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club, USA (CKCSC) to guide members on such vital matters as breed soundness and the best means of assuring health and quality of life for their pets.

Whether you are seeking a Cavalier as a family pet or prospective show dog, your selection should never be based on a casual or impulse decision; it is an important commitment.  You will spend many years together.  Take care and take time to investigate thoroughly.  Please avoid purchasing from pet shops, puppy mills, auctions, internet "mail order" vendors or brokers who import dogs from foreign countries.  Please make every effort to buy from ethical, established breeders who show their dogs, who fully health test their breeding stock and who will provide you, in writing, with the health certifications of the parents of their puppies.  If you provide these wonderful dogs with a caring, loving  home, they will reciprocate with their loyal devotion for all their lives.

We take great pride in the fact that many of our Cavaliers appear in the CKCSC Health Registry as well as the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA) and that we were invited to be one of the Premier Cavalier breeders to be listed on the Premier site.  In all cases, health testing breeding stock is a pre-requisite.  The Health Registry and the Premier Breeders' List are open to all breeders whose dogs fulfill these requirements.

The Cavalier is held in high esteem by all who own them -- they are creatures that have captured our hearts and paved the way to many more human friendships as well.  These happy-hearted Spaniels make life more enjoyable and memories precious, their elegance decorates the world.  Truly dogs for all seasons.

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