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CKCSC Ch. Chadwick Calamity Jane "CJ"

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Chadwick Calamity Jane CJ head pic at 13

CJ at 13 years of age

Chadwick Calamity Jane on pillow at 14

Pictured at 14 years of age having just won Best Veteran in Show

Chadwick Calamity Jane and Downsbank Scotch Miss young

CJ on right in her younger days
Pictured with CKCSC Ch. Downsbank Scotch Mist of Chadwick

Chadwick Calamity Jane sitting as puppy   Chadwick Calamity Jane standing as puppy

CJ as an 8 week old puppy above and below in her prime at 2 years of age.

Chadwick Calamity Jane sitting at 2 years in prime

CJ was aptly named as she has been a "calamity" all of her life!  As a younger Cavalier, when in season, she flew over our 4 ft. picket fence and enticed poor Chaucer (Downsbank Red Adair of Chadwick) to breed her.  We were horrified but allowed her to have the litter as the alternative of terminating the pregnancy was too risky according to the vet.  She presented us with four beautiful Rubies, on April Fool's Day (very funny CJ!), one of which became CKCSC, AKC & Can. Ch. Chadwick Foolish Pleasure of Brynwood, who is 13 years old now and lives with the Brynwood gang and Courtney Carter. CJ had several litters, all of them with ease, and all of them exuding true Cavalier breed type.  Those we showed became CKCSC Champions such as CKCSC & AKC Ch. Chadwick Miss Moneypenny, CKCSC & AKC Ch. Chadwick Carbon Copy, CKCSC, AKC & Can. Ch. Chadwick Foolish Pleasure at Brynwood , and CKCSC Ch. Chadwick Silver Dollar.  Those we did not show but kept for breeding on with her long lived lines, produced CKCSC & AKC champions down the line.  In fact, the majority of the Chadwicks go back to this extraordinary Cavalier.

Not to detract from her show career, CJ has ripped open her shoulder right before a show, she quacks like a duck when she wants something and it doesn't look like she will get what she wants, she dug out of our yard, taking with her several Cavaliers, and after two hours of searching we returned empty-handed only to find CJ and the others sitting on the doorstep, CJ's ear entangled in a large tree branch and ticks all over her.

From the time that CJ was a puppy she was able to jump over and clear a four foot picket fence which she did frequently and landed on a concrete brick patio.  This in turn rendered her lame for many months and she was unable to be shown as a youngster.  She would leap up and down, appearing and disappearing behind the glass of the upper part of the back door.  You would intermittently see those big eyes and ears flying.  My elderly aunt looked after the dogs for a few days during which CJ "taught" my aunt to sprint to the door to open it for the dogs.  Why, might you ask, did my aunt run so fast?  Well, CJ learned that if anyone walked towards the door, the louder and more shrill her scream, the quicker the door opened!  When I returned home--door was never to open if CJ made any kind of noise!  If there was any kind of shrieking, in lieu of the door opening, a soda can full of pennies would be dropped on their heads, clattering around them!  It took 24  hours and the problem was fixed!

CJ was a great mother,  however she refused to expel her puppies in anyone's presence or pass them in the specially made whelping box.  Leaving the room hourly, she promptly jumped out of the box and had a puppy which she cleaned up and had suckling instantly.  She did not like to get the whelping box and the other puppies dirty!  She greeted all and sundry who came to see her pups--anyone could pick them up and look at them.  After a few weeks of this she became jealous and demanded her share of the attention.  At that time, felt her job as a mother was done and that if I liked the pups, then I could take care of them.  She was way too busy with more important things in life!

At 14 1/2 years of age she fell down a five foot ditch which was all fenced off.  How she got through, we have no clue, but there she was, quacking away because she just could not get out!  Those are just a few of her many antics.  She has always been quite a character, living life to the fullest and has grown old so gracefully.  She is truly a remarkable Cavalier and a credit to the breed.

Sadly all good things come to an end and CJ crossed the Rainbow Bridge, a couple of months shy of her 16th birthday, to join her other Cavalier friends.  So many human lives have been touched by CJ through her children, grandchildren and generations down the line.  One would think life would be calmer without her--NOT SO!  There are too many of her relatives who have inherited her joie de vivre and her jumping ability, who live on here at Chadwick!

Rest in Peace dear CJ.

DOB 28 NOV 1990 - 02 OCT 2006
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