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Charlotte bt with pet
Charlotte and Ruby exhaust
each other by playing wildly
with the Kaminir family in CA

Fiona O'Rourke
After the untimely death of
their previous Cavalier, Fiona is
making the O'Rourke family so
happy in North Carolina
Chadwick Silver Lining at 11 years
Gigi celebrates her 11th
birthday with Michele Fabre

Niles at 8 laying in grass
At 8 years of age, Niles' owner
passed away and he was
returned.  He is now cherished
by Dorothy & Alan in NH 

Phoebe and Owens kids
Phoebe and her best buddies,
the Owen children

Phoebe dressed up
Treated like a baby at the
Owen household
Cavie and Monica
Cavi lunches on the patio at a
restaurant in California with
her owner, Monica

Ozzie Hauser
Ozzi enjoying his summers
in Wisconsin (from wintering
in Miami) with Kate and
Loudes Hauser 


Chadwick Bella Dziurzynski
Bella at home with the Dziurzynski family



It was very nice getting your email. I thought you would enjoy seeing a recent photo of Truffles. After nine years or so, he is a joy. He is very healthy, in fact, no health problems what-so-ever. He and I start each day on these front steps sitting together and we watch the sun rise. Then I take him on a one mile walk each day. He has two little brothers (two small maltese dogs) and they adore each other. They all have over an acre of safe fenced land to run and play in. We adore TRUFFLES and he was my first dog ever.
I hope you enjoy the photo..indeed, his ears need a bit of brushing..but do not fret...he is groomed regularly:)

 Cooper with friend

Attached is a picture of Cooper on his 1st birthday with a neighborhood "friend". 

Lauren Burack & Eric Kahn

Cooper pup aug 2015
As it is officially one month since we picked Cooper up, I just wanted to send you a quick pic and tell you how much we adore this little guy.  He is sweet and silly, healthy and well-behaved!  He has so quickly become a part of our family - it seems strange to think of life “pre-Coop.”  As always, thank you for doing such a beautiful job with these dogs - your dedication and hard work brings joy to our life every day.  Take care, Tracy Regan 




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