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Sloan getting his tux on
Sloan dresses in a Tux
for the wedding

Sloan in wedding photo
Sloan, the Best Man, with Bride
and Groom - the MacLeans

Morgan looking up at Ooana
Oh, please, please can we go
swimming pleads Morgan to
Ooana, her owner

Morgan in pool on float
Do I lead the life of Riley or
what?!  Smiles from Morgan 

Buddy in grass
Buddy relaxes on the grass of
the Gallie's back yard

Archie in plant
Archie is part of a Read to
Children program in Florida
where he resides with Carol Pena
Casey Joan King
Casey is competing in Rally, has her Canine Good Citizen aware, and is a registered Delta Society Therapy Dog.

Buddy with Garvey child
Buddy with one of his three
buddies at the Garvey's 
Puppy Cricket Julie Moore
Julie Moore enjoys her new
puppy, Cricket, who poses for
her in-house photographer

Annabelle Marano
Annabelle snuggles happily on
her favorite crochet blanket at
the Marano family home in
New Jersey 

Vienna in arms Andy and Pedro NYC
One of Vienna's many outings in
Manhattan, this time to see the
Hudson River.  Vienna is adored
by Andy and Pedro in NYC 

Hope Kuesel and family
Jessica and Christy Kuesel with
their constant companion, Hope 

Buddy and Garvey family
The three Garvey boys and
Buddy, the fourth brother,
enjoying the Fall sunshine 

Shaerf family
The Shaerf's rare accomplish-
ment-they ended the year with
the same number of pets, but
not without pressure from three
young children!  This year, mom
and dad won! 

Madison Krochmal
Madison is owned by the

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