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Chadwick Across America 3
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Alfie on shoulder
Alfie cuddles with
Margarete Holland

Bayley and girl hanging from tree
Hey Hadley says Bayley,
what are you doing up there?

Taub dogs on red
Sunny, Spangle and Harley
pose for photos at the
Taub household

Christmas at Lorussos blen and tri with girl
Christmas at the Lorusso's 
Maggie pup in arms of Easter bunny
Maggie rests comfortably
in the arms of this pink rabbit

Charlie with toys Guido family
The Guido family has spoiled
Charlie with toys
tri blen in white chair sterns family
The Stern's and Sadie
(tri) mourn the loss of Cassie (bl)
after 13 years of joy

Charlotte’s first birthday with the Sinicin’s

Charlie hugged by Lianna and Jillian
Charlie being hugged by
Lianna and Jillian Perota

Willoughby with Regan family
Willoughby with the Regan

Jackson owned by Eileen Finn
Jackson owned by
Eileen Finn 

Chadwick Moonlight Lady
Sophie has her very
own chair at the Glass's home

Chips with granddaughter
Chips enjoying his time
with Ellie Fischman's

Bayley held by Lillian in sailboat
Bayley is much more secure
held by Lillian when out on
the family sailboat. 

Brittany waiting for
Laurie to throw her
favorite ball 

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