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Chadwick Across America 2
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for a link to Comments from some Chadwick puppy buyers.

Blenheim on bed ear hanging

Bentley Marlene Waite
Bentley loved by
Marlene Waite

Capri Gerri Carter
Capri loved by
Gerri Carter

Lollipop birthday picture
Lollipop Dargan's
Chadwick Fun Fruits as senior
Lollipop Dargan again
Lollipop died at 14 yrs. of age

Remi sunning himself
Remy sunning himself
at the Aversa family home
Quill relaxing at Riley home
Quill relaxes at the
Riley's home

Winston with mex hats
Punch X Pisces 
Riley Tom Schumacher
Tom Schumacher
misses Riley

Giselle Paul Johnson and Umberto
Giselle owned by Paul
Johnson and Umberto 

Spencer for AA
Spencer is ready for his outing in
Manhattan with Susan Shapiro 

Chester with pink pig
Spencer with his favorite pink
pig, provided for him in his
puppy starter pack 

Paddington tri and Maggie Blen
Paddington (tri) and Maggie (bl)
work with Dottie at Bright Spot
Therapy program 

Caboose Patrick Holm
Caboose owned by
Patrick Holm 

Flyer with the Wallach family
Flyer hanging out with the
Wallach family 

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