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Fife sitting at 10 weeks   Fife standing at 18 months

CKCSC Ch. Chadwick Theatrical Trilogy "Fife"
(CKCSC Ch. Chadwick Great Balls of Fire X Maxholt Winter's Tale of Chadwick)

Fife sitting at 10 weeks of age on left and standing at 18 months of age on right.

fife laying

Fife pictured at 10 years of age.

We bonded when Fife fell and broke her elbow in several places at the tender age of 5 months.  Our love affair with Fife continued until her passing at 15 years of age.

chelsea and fife sunning

Chelsea and Fife enjoy sunning themselves in the sunshine.

Christmas tri pups    Party tris

Chadwick Theatrical Comedy "Flush" (left) with CKCSC Ch. Chadwick Theatrical Trilogy "Fife" (right)

This brother and sister team began their life together and fourteen years later, ended their life together.

Flush remained by the side of his terminally ill owner until she could no longer be with him at which point he was returned to us just before his 14th birthday.  Having lived with an elderly couple all of his life and entering our household with a heavy heart, Flush was introduced, with trepedation, to our multiple canine family of all ages, activity lvels and personalities.  It is a tribute to the true Cavalier temperament that Flush adjusted in a matter of hours, greeting all canines and felines with a wave of his bushy tail and several woofs!

We only had Flush for six months before he crossed the Rainbow Bridge to be with his doting owner and six months laters, at 15 years, Fife left us to join her brother.

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