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Stitches standing as puppy

CKCSC Ch. Chadwick Tapestry "Stitches"
(CKCSC Ch. Chadwick Great Balls of Fire X Maxholt Secret Drawer of Chadwick)

Stitches as a 9 week old pup.

Stitches standing on table

Stitches standing for the photographer after having won Best in Show at Cavaliers of the Northeast Specialty under Maureen Milton, Fontelania Cavaliers, UK

Stitches laying

Stitches was a fuzzy toy and ball fanatic.  When we opened the door to let everyone outside, she would battle her way against the flow of dogs to grab a toy and only then would she go outside.  She greeted people with a big toy in her mouth and was the culprit of de-squeaking all toys.  there was no peace if she had a ball, dropping it at your feet and barking for you to throw it.  I would try to throw it as far as possible into the heavily wooded area, hoping she couldn't find it, but she always came back with the ball in her mouth.

Stitches was taken from us way too early in life at 9 years of age.  She acquired a deep-seated ear infection, even had radical surgery to correct the problem, but the infection went into  her spine and she died of bacterial spinal meningitis, according to the necropsy.  Not something we were prepared for.

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Downsbank Spring Clover with trophies

CKCSC Ch. Downsbank Spring Clover of Chadwick "Chloe"
(Downsbank Sunseeker X Salador Carrie Ann of Downsbank)

Chloe won Best Puppy and a major at Cavaliers of the West Specialty under Anne Rogers-Clark.

Chloe head shot

Downsbank Spring Clover head shot from side

As an older dog, Chloe is still beautiful.

Chloe standing as youngster

Chloe giving her usual swish of the tail.

Chloe and her litter brother came to the USA as five month old puppies.  Both had their strengths and weaknesses but Chloe was our favorite and such a gorgeous female.  She was a half brother/sister breeding on the famous Eng. Ch. Salador Crismark and she looked very like him.  We are grateful to Ruth Mochrie, Downsbank Cavaliers, UK, for parting with both these youngsters.

Chloe living over 15 years -- a long and happy life.


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