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In the Beginning
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Chiquita at 6 months

Cavalier Canada Dry, UD, Can. CD, TT "Chiquita"
(Eng. Ch. Mintrode Jotham of Maxholt X Heathglow Toffee & Cream)

Our first Cavalier, Chiquita, at 6 months, enjoying life in London, YK, where we visited Regents Park daily.

Chiquita at 2 years

Chiquita as a two year old, now living in the USA.

Chiquita at 13 years

At 13 years Chiquita was still enjoying the comforts of home.

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Sebastian as a puppy

CKCSC & Can. Ch. Only of Kenstaff, CDX, Can. CD, TT "Sebastian"
(Eng. Ch. Maxholt Christmas Carol X Eyeworth Suki)

Sebastian as a nine month old puppy.

Sebastian with Danon yogurt

Sebastian enjoyed licking the yogurt carton clean!

Sebastian licking statue

Hey, if I give you a kiss, will you come play with me?

Sebastian and Chiquita

"Chiquita" (blenheim) at 13 years
"Sebastian" (tricolor) at 10 years

Sebastian completed his CKCSC conformation championship and his CDX obedience title.

These two wonderful dogs were our introduction to Cavaliers, both from the Maxholt kennel in England.  Neither were purchased as show dogs but we learned so much of what we know today about raising a puppy, dog behavior, obedience training and conformation showing from them.  Chiquita was the fifth Cavalier ever to obtain a Utility Obedience degree and Sebastian completed his Open (CDX) obedience title.  We were so fortunate to have these two dogs for 13 1/2 years and 12 years respectively.