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Chadwick Senior Girls

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Coral new head link pic July 2009     Chadwick Sea Shells "Coral"                                            


Islay head link pic       CKCSC & AKC Ch. Chadwick Laphroaig "Islay"           

Chanel new head link pic July 2009    
CKCSC & AKC Ch. Chadwick Coco Chanel "Chanel"      
           Snitch head link picture  Chadwick Idol Gossip "Snitch"                                                        

                 Chadwick Candlelight link picture     Chadwick Candlelight "Shimmer"                                                        

Chadwick Indecent Affair head link pic   Chadwick Indecent Affair "Cheater"                                  

Hershey head link pic   Chadwick Sweet Sensation "Hershey"                                 

Chadwick First Impressions page link picture  Chadwick First Impressions "Molly"                                    

Victoria page link picture  Chadwick Victoria "Victoria"                                                

Minute head link picture  AKC & Can. Ch. Chadwick Laugh A Minute "Minute"               

Chadwick Happy Talk head link pic    
Chadwick Happy Talk "Chatterbox"                                    

Wink head link picture    
Chadwick Quick as a Wink "Wink"                                     

Chivas page link picture     CKCSC & AKC Ch. Chadwick Moonshine "Chivas"           

China page link picture    Chadwick Dream Weaver of Heartsong "China"                  

Angels Pride Nautical Nancy page link picture    Angel's Pride Nautical Nancy "Clancy"                               

Millie page link picture  Chadwick Telecast "Millie"                                                    

Kasper page link picture 
Chadwick Kasper "Kasper"                                                     

Glitter page link picture 
AKC Ch. Chadwick Gold Dust "Glitter"                                   

 Sammi page link picture 
CKCSC & AKC Ch. Chadwick Bewitched at Blackfire "Sammi"

Escada page link picture  
Chadwick Escada "Escada"                                                     

Christie page link picture  
Chadwick Christie "Christie"                                                   

Starlet page link picture   Chadwick Double Feature at Dallarock "Starlet"                      

Bexley page link picture   AKC Ch. Chadwick September Song of Blackfire "Bexley"        

                                                                 Carly page link picture   Chadwick Melody Maker "Carly"                                                                                                               

Florin page link picture   CKCSC Ch. Chadwick Silver Dollar, AX,AXJ "Florin"              

Shekel page link picture   Chadwick Dollar & Cents "Shekel"                                            

Moneypenny page link picture  CKCSC & AKC Ch. Chadwick Miss Moneypenny

Ditto page link picture   CKCSC & AKC Ch. Chadwick CarbonCopy "Ditto"                   

Beans page link picture   Chadwick Jumping Bean "Beans"                                             

CJ page link picture   CKCSC Ch. Chadwick Calamity Jane "C.J."                             

Pigwig page link picture   CKCSC Ch. Downsbank Scotch Mist of Chadwick